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About Us

We specialise in creation and management of spirits brands from all over the world. Our areas of expertise are brand management, marketing, licensing and acquisition of new or already established brands. We offer support to hundreds of companies who are already present on the market or are in the process of launching their brand and need someone to get them through the loops of spirits business.

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Vodka Brands

Kors Vodka is a super-premium limited edition Vodka that has been produced using the same recipe for over a century. It is created using diamond distillation process, water from Italia Alps and is stored in handmade crystal bottle with gold decoration. You can find more information by visiting http://korsvodka.com.

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What We Do

Identity & Branding

A beautiful product needs to be complemented with a great branding. We analyze the market and position each product exactly where it should be.


Each brand needs to be closely monitored in order to achieve best brand recognition and sales. We use several tools to track exactly what is going with each brand at any given time.

Marketing Campaign

Without marketing something horrible happens – “NOTHING”. That is why we market each product through a series of already established channels that target Spirits lovers in a desired location.

Corporate design

In order to stand out among thousands of brands we make sure each brand gets a complete corporate image overhaul that helps boost sales and recognition of the product itself.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

- Leonardo da Vinci -

The Process

The road leading to product launch can be a long and painful one. But if you do everything as you need to the end result will make it all worth wile.

The Challenge

Maybe you have the best idea in the World but we always analyze every possible business aspect to determine if the market is ready for the product like this before moving to next stage of the process.

The Process

Once we decide to launch the product we assign each team member only a specific task from the field they specialize in. Usually there are between 15-25 people participating on each project.

The Final Product

It usually takes between twelve to eighteen months before we see the final results. We make sure everything is 100% perfect before the product launched and introduced to the public.

  • 21 Team Members
  • 13 Project Drafts
  • 170 Different Tasks
  • 434Days To Make

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468 N Camden Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210


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